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New Chances Humane Society is a Minnesota Licensed Kennel!

About Us

New Chances Humane Society... Where We're All About The Animals

Faribault County Humane Society in Blue Earth, MN is changing along with its new board! Due to not being given access to the Facebook page along with other things it has been a long hard road but we are so happy to announce that New Chances Humane Society will be taking its place!

● To provide shelter and care for animals that have been lost, abused or surrendered in the Faribault County area.
● Assist in educating the community in training and good care of animals.
● To be a knowledgeable referral source in our community for good practices, quality care and information pertaining to pet ownership.

To be the regional leader in animal adoption; spray and neuter outreach and programs, community outreach concerning animal welfare to ultimately create a No Kill Community where all animals have a loving home, free of abuse and neglect.

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We currently have an online fundraiser going on at

Board Members

Our Board Members

About Our Volunteers

About Our Volunteers

The New Chances Humane Society is Non-Profit and Staffed Entirely by Volunteers.

Our volunteers work tirelessly to provide the cats and dogs with a healthy and nurturing environment. Volunteers may go to the shelter at any time, but priority goes to filling 3 shifts each day. During these shifts, volunteers provide the animals with fresh food and water, clean their kennels, exercise the animals, and complete numerous additional tasks.

Volunteers also transport our animals to veterinary care appointments, work our adoptions, run social media sites and advertising, not to mention all the work they have done on our shelter throughout the years! We would not be where we are without them!

We are always in need of volunteers! Volunteers are needed to perform the daily chores, exercise the animals, give he animals affection and 1 on 1 time, transportation of animals to veterinary care appointments, adoption assistance, maintaining social media sites and advertising adoptable pets, as well as assisting with fundraiser events! (Volunteers must be 18 years or older).

Contact us today to see what opportunities we have available and share your ideas to help us continue to grow!

Complete the Online Volunteer Application. You can also submit your completed form to newchanceshs@gmail.com or mail the hard copy to:
New Chances Humane Society
P.O. Box 231
Blue Earth, MN 56013

Each year, dozens of homeless, abandoned and surrendered animals are cared for at NCHS and are placed in loving homes throughout our community.

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