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It's Been a Long… and Sometimes a Bumpy Road.

The Faribault County Humane Society was originally established in 1985, but was unfortunately disbanded after a few years. In 2008, members of the community saw a need for humane care of homeless and abandoned animals so they joined forces to reestablish the Faribault County Humane Society.

Eventually FCHS also began taking care of the local animal impound. Prior to this, many of the animals would be euthanized had they not been claimed after 5 business days. FCHS reestablished the no-kill status, and now the animals receive veterinary care and become eligible for adoption after 5 business days! FCHS had found homes for over 100 animals each year!

From Here... And On Into The Future!

After a period of tumult last year, the New Chances Humane Society – formerly the Faribault County Humane Society – is looking to rebuild its organization.

The organization has also applied for a new kenneling license from the Department of Animal Welfare.

The NCHS board, now populated by several new members, decided to make some changes to the humane society's operations following the departure of former president Debby Johnson.

The board asked Johnson to temporarily resign in mid-December following an incident with a dangerous dog which caused her to lose a portion of her thumb. After more concerns came to light, the board asked Johnson to permanently resign.

Since last December, the board has been taking steps to re-structure operations at the humane society, as well as continue renovations to its new building at Blue Earth's West Industrial Park.

In an effort to maintain open relationships with area cities, the NCHS will invite one person from every city in the county to serve as their city's representative on the NCHS board.

In pursuit of financial transparency, the NCHS plans to have a monthly open board meeting,as well.

Additionally, the NCHS is re-structuring its support system for volunteers.

The NCHS plans to implement a new system for volunteer training in partnership with Paws for Cause, an animal boarding, training and rescue business which is owned and operated by Ava Tvedten.

The training with Tvedten, who has an animal behavior training certification, would be followed by a probationary period.

The board has also discussed designating shift leads for certified volunteers, department leads and an office manager.

Jane Sybrandt adds, "We're going to have a division of a cat crew and a dog crew. You have to have training for both."

The NCHS board also plans to install cameras throughout the building so any incidents are properly documented.

In the meantime, the organization is up to its elbows in renovations for the new building.

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